June 3rd, 2004


It's official: Fun time begins today!

I called Tim last night. I decided with him that we could go and see a movie. We will be seeing "The Day After Tomorrow" today. Finally! I get a break from my dad! ^o^v Well, now I can say that I am doing something with my friend.

This morning, the printer stopped working. The problem was that there wasn't any connection. One of the plugs wasn't plugged in. When they were plugged back in, the printer worked again! ^_^

Well, I got to get ready for today. Tim will be calling at 2:30. At that time, I'll have to go get him. All the times that I did something with Tim, he did the driving. This time, I'll be returning the favor! ^_^

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    Chrono Trigger - Light of Silence

Late night shift.....GAH!

Ohmygoshem! Right before I left to pick up Tim, Burger King called me. "Y" asked me if I could work from 5-12. That means I would be working from 5 to midnight! @__@ Well, I decided to agree to that. I mean, it would be I seven-hour shift and I would be getting more experience.....

Well, I'm going off to bed. There won't be too much time tomorrow for me to relax. When I come home from Burger King, I'll be coming home to my bed.....meh.....Oyasuminasai!

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    Chrono Trigger - A Desolate World