May 31st, 2004


Happy Memorial Day!

Today is the day to commemorate all the veterans that have died.....

Anyway, I have a 7 hour shift, which I'll be leaving for in 90 minutes.....^_^'s just the regular grind. It's almost like working for a full shift!

I can't really do much reading today.....I'll have to do that when I get home.

I'll have to get myself some dinner after work since my shift is so long.

There is a parade down the street that starts at one. I'll have to miss it since I have to work.

Well, I got to get ready.....More updates in the evening!

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Endless busy.....!

Burger King was soooooo busy today! The job that they assigned me was backcash. A backcash person is responsible for handling the cash at the drive-thru and doing the dishes. The drive-thru was so busy today that it was impossible for me to do the dishes! >_<

I was finally able to do the dishes 2 hours later. After that, I was done with my drawer. When they added it up, they found that there was over $1200 in there and it was perfect! ^o^ I wasn't short anything!

The next time I work is next Tuesday from 11 to 4. I guess I do get some time off after all.....! ^_^

Well, I'll read some books. After that, it's off to bed!


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