May 24th, 2004


Too much baka rain!

Oh man.....I've never seen it rain this much in one month.....>_< There is so much rain in Michigan that it's flooding in some areas.....>_<

Since it rained so much, I now have to drain water from a puddle so the cement truck can get through the one area in the back. I will need to wear rubber boots and dump heavy bucketfuls of muddy water into the woods! >_<

It would be nice to see a sunny day at least once. This May has been too wet. Go away, baka rain!

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WHAAAAA! Another interview! ^_^

This just in! Burger King just called! They scheduled an interview for today at 2:30! ^o^ This is great! I never expected to have two interviews during the same week!

I guess I'll be driving there around 2:15. I know that it's a burger job, but it does pay, right? Wish me luck!

Now to go outside and empty a mud puddle.....ick...! >_<

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My first job! YEAH! ^_^

Well, here are the results of the interview.

When I got to Burger King, I was asked a couple questions. I was then told to come in tomorrow to fill out some paper work. The bottom line is that I got the job! ^o^ This is great to have a job like this. ^_^ I know that it's not the best job, but it's a good one for not ever having a job before.....

My first job! Whoo-hoo! ^_^ ^o^ ^_^

Well tomorrow, I have to fill out some paper work and watch some videos. Wish me luck tomorrow on my first day of training!

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