May 14th, 2004


Why won't my Chocobo obey?

I find this quite frustrating when I'm playing Final Fantasy X-2. In the Calm Lands, I dispatched 3 level 1 chocobos to 3 various locations throughout Spira. I "waited" a while and they all came back. I raised these chocobos to level 2 and dispatched them. They all came back. However, here's the problem. I raised these chocobos to level 3 and dispatched them. When I went back to the chocobo ranch in the Calm Lands, the first two chocobos came back. The other one didn't come back! >_< Oh man.....I guess I'll have to try that again.....

Well, I'm really close to beating Final Fantasy X-2. I am in Chapter 5 and I have 91% completion. That's about it for now. There will be The Money Thief updates in the future!

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