May 7th, 2004


New Joan tonight!

That's right. For all you Joan of Arcadia fans out there, there is a new episode tonight!

Today is fairly busy for me. I have to mow the lawn today. I don't mind mowing the lawn.....At least it's better than shoveling snow in the winter.....I also have to organize and clean my room today.....I guess today is not that bad, work-wise.....

Tomorrow will be pretty fun. I get to go over to Tony's house tomorrow for his going away party. He has an internship to work at Walt Disney World. This party will be the last time I see him.....for about nine months.....It's a shame really.....I just got to know Tony and then he gets this internship. I guess things happen for a reason.....

Well, I got work to do. I got to get some breakfast first. And then I have some journaling and reading. I will then mow the lawn.....

Heh.....If I get this work done today, I can continue reading Soul Harvest and Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy. I'll then work on The Money Thief, my latest book. I haven't worked on The Money Thief in a while, so it'll be nice to work on it again!

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