April 27th, 2004



Well, the bulk of the exams are out of the way! <^o^ I just recently took my Mass Media exam and my Economics exam. Ohhh yeah....I feel like the whole world is lifted off my back! ^_^

For lunch, I decided to have the Orient Express. For the Orient Express, I decided to order fried rice, stir-fried beef, stir-fried mushrooms and green peppers, and some General Tsai sauce to top it off. The lunch also came with an egg roll. I got a fortune cookie as well.

My fortune on the front read:

Learning Chinese

You are beautiful

Nee how Mai

On the back, it read:

One of the greatest sources of energy is pride in what you are doing! Lucky #04, 18, 19, 20, 29, 34

From this point, I only got one exam left!

Oh yeah, my brother recently joined livejournal. Say hello to

madd_skillz for me if you want to.

One more day left in the winter semester! O_O

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