April 26th, 2004


What is your heart rate?

Maybe I should post this on a community.....At least I would get more input that way.

I am asking this question because of what happened during swimming today.

After I swam my 60 laps, my swimming instructor asked me to rest for a few minutes and take my heart rate. She mentioned that I couldn't leave until I had a heart rate of 100 or less! >__< Gah! I had to sit there forever until my heart rate went down.

Well, finally.....my heart rate was 90. Did my heart skip a beat for that to happen?

I am so out of shape.....I guess I'll have to run a marathon every day to get an "ideal" heart rate. *sigh*

Does anyone exercise? If so, what is your heart rate when you're done?

Well, I really need some friends. I guess it's off to the communities, now.....

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