April 23rd, 2004


Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

Just wanted to let everyone know that Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters comes on tonight on the Food Network. In about 20 minutes, it will be on.

Well, it's not like "everyone" is reading this. Har har har.....I don't really have any friends are reading this. There is only person that is reading this, though.

Okay, I admit it. My social life stinks. I really wish that I would take more initiative to talk to more people. When it comes to friends, I am kind of "picky" when it comes to the friends I want to meet. I mean, I don't want to be with the wrong group of friends, you know?

Who am I kidding? No one is reading this. (I know you are, Lin. I guess that's better than 0, huh?) A livejournal just can't be live without getting some interaction. If I wanted 0 responses, I wouldn't even bother posting here. I have journals that I keep everyday that don't require this computer to maintain.

I guess I shouldn't feel sorry for myself. I'm sorry that I'm doing this. There just really isn't any option when you have no one to talk to outside your family, you know?

Well, if anyone needs a friend who is reading this for the first time. I will gladly be their friend for free.

See you later, Lin (since you are the only one who responds to this.)

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