April 15th, 2004


Things are winding down.....

Well, I took my Econ. test today. I hope that I did well.....

Yesterday, I only had to swim a half-mile. We also did some diving as well. As of now, I only have two more weeks left in my Winter Semester at college.

When I do get out of college, I want to be working. I also want to do a lot of reading over the summer. And my story, oh my story. I am looking forward to that! ^_^

Well, this weekend, I am going over to my math instructor's house for a party. The usual people from my inter-varsity Christian fellowship will be there. That will be Saturday night at 7:30. We will be making pizza. That sounds good.

Tonight, Donald Trump, for the first time, will say "You're hired". Tonight is the two-hour live finale of The Apprentice. Before that, Survivor comes on at 8:00.

I hope that I can get my internet browser working at home again.

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