April 12th, 2004


Don't think that I left this journal.....

Well, there's so much to update on so I'll make it quick.

Overall, the Weird Al concert was great. I had a blast on that night seeing it with them.

Easter was also good as well.

Here's one thing that I don't understand at all. My parents think that This website is the one causing the viruses on my computer. You see, there is a virus on my computer that doesn't allow you to open up Internet Explorer when you click on it. When I click on Internet Explorer, all I see is the mouse pointer turn into an hourglass. After that, it turns back. It doesn't even let me access the browser. If anyone can offer advice, please do. I know that this website is not causing the viruses. My parents won't let me go here at home. They think that this site is messing up my computer. It isn't.

More updates tomorrow!

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