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April 7th, 2004

April 7th, 2004
04:22 pm


Tomorrow's the day.....

Tomorrow's the day that I have planned forever. Tomorrow is the night of the Weird Al Concert! It will be such a good night! Oh yeah.....

Well, I got some homework to do.....as usual.....

In swimming, I only had to swim 2/3 of a mile. On Monday, I had to swim a whole mile.

After swimming, I went to my intervarsity Christian fellowship. It was a good meeting. Since Schuitman wasn't there, he had some guest take his place instead. We looked at 1 Corinthians, Luke, and John.

After the intervarsity Christian fellowship, I drove home with my brother. Man, this is great being able to come home early!

Well, tomorrow's the concert and I have some homework to do. Time to get to the grind!

Current Mood: excitedexcited

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