April 2nd, 2004


It's late.....

I said that I probably wouldn't we posting this weekend. Well, here I am! I did manage to get my Economics paper typed. That only leaves two more classes.

I pretty much mostly worked on my homework today.

Man, I felt like a chauffeur today. My sister doesn't take her driving test until April 7th. Well, I wasn't a chauffeur persai. Rachel drove to the video store to drop off her movies and then drove to her friend's house. I then drove home.

Ryan and me ordered pizza tonight. Since I had the license, I had to supervise, again. Ryan drove and got the pizza while I sat in the passenger seat.

About an hour ago, my sister called for me to come and get her at her friend's house so she wouldn't have to walk. I had to drive my sister home. I was in my pajamas, too! So, I took off my pajamas, put my clothes back on, and drove to Rachel's friend's house.

Well, that's that. This morning, I had a very interesting dream. There was something strange about this dream.....

Well, time to turn in for tonight.

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