March 17th, 2004


Aye! Today is me lucky day!

Happy St. Patrick's day to all of you! Today is the day to celebrate.

In swimming today, I had to swim 64 laps. If I would've swam 8 more laps, I would've swam a mile!

Anyway, as for the news today, I went to my intervarsity Christian fellowship today. I did this after realizing that the Collegiate meeting is over. In the fellowship that I attend, there are four other members. My old math instructor leads the fellowship. The members are Stan, Heather, Melinda, and a black guy. I don't know the name of the black guy since he is fairly new to our fellowship. He has only attended a couple times.

Well..... My math instructor brought in a portable CD player today. There was an interesting song that I heard from Keith Green. I heard this song after the first song that I heard from him. This was after everyone left. Since the meeting started at 2:00 and I came in at 2:40, I just missed the song that everyone there heard. My math instructor was nice enough to play it again for me.

It's nice to have someone like my math instructor. There are not too many teachers or instructors that I got to know that well. It's nice to get to know him outside of class.

Well, I'm having Corned Beef for dinner tonight. It's going to be a real St. Patrick's day dinner.

Oh yeah....Survivor is coming on tonight at a special time, if you're a Survivor fan.

Well, I'm signing out for now.

Aye! This dreamin' writor is signing off agane!