March 15th, 2004


First day back.....

Well, I'm back at Delta College again.....

Sara's birthday is today. Happy birthday Sara.....

This morning, I decided to approach this day with confidence. I know that there may be some people that are bummed about coming back to college from their spring break. I don't want to feel bummed like those people.

Well, I do have some more work to do. I will be working on that so there may not be any more updates until tomorrow.

I feel kind of tired and drained. I stayed up last night listening to my 2 new CDs. If you're into rap, KJ-52 would be a Christian version of Eminem. I listened to 7th Avenue. Good lyrics. Uplifting stuff.

The other artist I listened to was Verbs. His name was Knowdaverbs. I think he found that "Knowdaverbs" was kind of a long name for people to say. So now, he's just Verbs. I listened to his CD, Unlocked. I wasn't too amused with this album. His previous two albums had more hits (his name was still Knowdaverbs in these albums). The only song I found significant was The Before and After. This song was about the 9/11 tragedy. I found that track to be moving.

Well, I got some homework to do. Swimming is in a half-hour.

This dreaming writer is.....*yawn*

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