March 9th, 2004


Sphere Break! Gotta love that game.....

Is anyone playing Final Fantasy X-2? Well, there's a game called Sphere Break on it. I'm in Chapter 3 and I had to play that game in order to get further in the game. For anyone who hasn't played it, it consists of 16 coins. There are four coins in the center called "entry coins". The coins on the outside are called "border coins". There is a blue coin in the center that is numbered anywhere from 1 to 9. With the other coins, you have to make "muliples" of this number. First, you select an entry coin. Then, you select any of the border coins to add up to this multiple. This is a number game (as the game says). The rules get more complex as you learn about it. You have to get into it to understand it.

Well, I got some homework to do. I am heading off to the library to get some research on my evaluation paper for College Compostion II. I am evaluating a movie and I would like to find some resources on "Back to the Future II"

Besides that assignment, I have some other homework to do. Well, I gotta go.

One more thing. I have been thinking about whether I should add some "ideal dreams" in my journal or not. Outside this LJ, I keep some real journals. I keep one journal for my thoughts. I also have a dream journal, where I record all my dreams. On nights that I don't have dreams, I don't keep those pages blank. Instead, I write these "ideal dreams", which are dreams that tell a story in progress. These are fictional dreams and don't pertain to A Long Quest, Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy, and The Money Thief at all. Well, while they don't pertain to the stories, they are some characters from those stories in my ideal dreams!

It's time to go.

This dreaming writer is signing off again.....

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