March 4th, 2004


Back in business.....

Yup. That's right. It's offical.....I've returned to working on my stories. A little earlier this morning, I jotted down some ideas for Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy, the book that I want to edit before I even decide to send it to a publisher.

That means that The Money Thief will be worked on as well. It's quite interesting. For that story, I am working on an A-Z (last name) list of students in the senior class. You see, in my story, Mike and Zentroz, my children, are graduating from Jefferson Four-Year Academy. This academy is the most prestigious academy in the world. It is even more prestigious than Phillips Exeter Academy. In this Academy, there are 7000 students that attend. That means that I need to think of an A-Z list of 1750 students. I was in the Fs when I last worked on it.

Well, I gotta go! Can't be late for Economics! 

This dreaming writer is signing off again!
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I get my crowns today! Yay!

That's right......Today is the day that I get my permanent crowns. I no longer will have to chew food on both sides of my mouth! For all of you who don't know, here's what happened......

In late January, I caught a really bad flu bug that my sister had. That night, I threw up until I became dizzy. It was really terrible! I was in such shock that I let out a scream and fell on the floor.I was glad that I did scream. When I came to, I saw blood on my face and my two front teeth were chipped! My head was lacerated! My parents came to help me (oh, BTW, this happened around 2 in the morning!) and my dad took me to the emergency room. My sister came since she was a witness of the situation.

At the emergency room, I had 7 stitches put in my head, which were in for 10 days (they're out now).

The following Monday after the incident, I went to the my dentist and he capped the two front teeth. He scheduled a date that I would get my temporary front teeth put on.

That next Monday, his assistants made a mold for the permanent teeth and placed some temporary front teeth in my mouth. The mold would be sent to a lab in California to make my permanent teeth, which would take a month before I received them. The temporary teeth was only good for looks. The teeth couldn't be used for chewing at all.

That Tuesday, I got my stitches removed as well.

Today, I finally can go to the dentist to get my porcelain crowns (venirs) put in. This is soooooo great!

This dreaming writer is signing off again!

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