March 2nd, 2004


This makes sense.....

I just realized something. I am not getting any comments from my journal because no one is reading it. No one knows that my journal exists. Well, I know how I can fix that problem. What I need to to is to establish a friend base. I don't have time right now to go all over this site, looking through my interests just to add someone that matches my interests.

It would be wrong to assume that no one is reading this. There could be someone who is reading this who is just too shy to post (This may be true). Well, I'd like to make some friends on this livejournal. First of all, I need to get some work done.

What really bothers me is when nobody bothers to even comment on my journal entries. I would really like someone who I could call my friend on this site. My life isn't boring. I'm a pretty nice person and I want everyone to see that. Will anyone add me to their list of friends? I won't be sounding like this every entry. I just want to get my point across that I'd like someone that I can communicate with.

As for today, it went by pretty good. I do feel a little tired, though. The good news is that spring break is coming up! On Monday, it will start. I won't be going anywhere, though.

That's okay to stay home. I can work on my story and play some more Final Fantasy X-2.

Well, at least I know that my fictional characters in my story won't let me down. My wife Zoria won't let me down. Neither would my kids in my story. It's kind of interesting creating your own characters for a story. When I do this, I can get to know them more as I develop them more.

God truly would never let me down. Maybe it's a test to see how I would react to this situation. Maybe he wants me to let other people know how I'm feeling so that they will understand my loneliness and fill it. God works in mysterious ways. I know that he wants me to be patient and wait on him for these things to happen.

Well I gotta go! Got work to do!

This dreaming writer is signing off again!

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