February 23rd, 2004


He's in charge.....

Hmm.....Don't have much of an audience here. That's okay. It can be all the more private this way!

Anyway, I'm pretty tired from last night. I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. This morning, I read a devotional about letting your "light" shine.

I then prayed for God to use me in my weakness, from being tired. When you are weak, his power is made perfect in weakness. This is what he said to Paul when he asked the Lord to remove the thorn from his side.

With that, I will continue to be patient in what God will provide for me.

Gotta go! Wish me luck for swimming! 

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    Distant voices and typing in the library.

I'm back.....

First of all, swimming went okay. I am confident to say that I am improving on my stroke in that class. After that, I had an interview for my paper that I'm working on in College Composition II.

Being very patient, I am letting God provide for me. It is nice to know that I can take comfort in him when I am struggling with a problem. I can say that my faith is increasing. I just need a Godly person to.....

Oh yeah......Toward the end of swimming, I think that I outdid myself. I felt quite queasy. I feel fine now.

No audience, huh?. That's too bad. I really would really a Godly person to talk to other than me, myself, and I.

Well, as far as who responds, I'll just leave that to God! He will bring his people to my journal if he thinks that I need them. That way, I don't have to be so concerned.

Well, I'm going to get to work. Life is good, because God made it good!

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    Library voices and typing.