February 16th, 2004


So lonely.....

Another lonely day here.....

First of all, I had Intermediate Algebra, which is utterly rudimentary. Math is more of a subject that I enjoy. Some may hate this subject but I like it. I also had College Composition II today.....The Professor there isn't really my favorite. Oh yeah.....I started my first day of swimming today. My college just built a new pool. This class will be great. I will enjoy it.

As for friendships, I find them hard to establish. Sure, I have a few of my friends that I know from my classes.....As for the ones I've made through high school, it is a lot harder here at college.

Last year, I knew so many people that I talked to. It makes me regret that I should've done some things with them. High school was a lot better as far as who to talk to.

Currently, I find it hard to make friends here. What is the secret? Well, when I decide to make a friend, that person has to be talking about something of my interest before I talk to them. Maybe a friendship might happen that way. But what really gets me is WHEN. I mean, what is the probability that someone I just happen to pass by is talking about something that I'm interested in? I am not the best person when it comes to making friends. They just don't come natural to me. Am I the only one with this problem?!

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