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Freedom is good.....

Yeah, I must agree. Freedom is great. This morning, my dad had to leave for work early. Mom then did something that she never did before: she allowed Ryan and me to go to school alone.

When Ryan and me were ready, we both took off in our station wagon, heading to college.

Going out of the driveway, I turned on the radio to a contemporary Christian station. When Ryan and me drive with dad in the morning, the radio is ALWAYS turned off. That's so dull. On the way home, though, dad has the radio turned on to a talk radio station. We usually carpool in the station wagon.

Well, anyway, when we got to college, I was actually able to park the station wagon for a change! When Ryan and me go to college, one of us usually drives to college, shift it to park, grab our stuff, and leaving the station wagon. Dad would then drive it off to work.

Well, I got some work to do. Freedom is good!

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