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Picking up Ryan today.....

That's right.  I'll be picking up my brother in another hour.

First, I will send out the 7 cover letters for today.  I will then leave for Mt. Pleasant at 11:00.

After taking so much time with the 7 cover letters, I will have to DDR when I get back.

I don't really do much in my free time.  It's just look for work, work out, eat, read, etc.

Something's missing.  It must be that I'm not playing any video games (except for DDR, which I just use for workout! :P).  Last year, my craving was fulfilled since I was playing Final Fantasy XII nonstop.  Since there's no new game this year, I guess that's why I feel deprived.

I might dig out the old console (maybe the NES or SNES! >^_^<) and do some vintage gaming.  It's all I can do until Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots comes out for the Playstation 3 in April or May of 2008.

I will now get these cover letters out to the Post Office.  That's it for now.
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