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September 1st, 2007
04:54 pm


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I got my degree!
I'm so excited. I just got my degree. It came in the mail today. It still needs a frame for it, though....

Now, I just need to find a job. I'll talking to one of dad's work friends on Tuesday and will have a preliminary interview at Boss Advertising in Auburn Hills on Wednesday. I hope the interview turns out okay. Wish me luck! ^_^

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Chrono Trigger - Delightful Spekkio

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Date:September 4th, 2007 04:06 am (UTC)
Congrats on gettin' ur degree. Now I jus need ta get mine. This has got ta be a record. Two days in a row? U must've decided ta be mo' motivated those two days.
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