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One more time!

That's right. I only have one more day of my internship remaining. It has been a great internship and I'm glad I was able to have the opportunity to get the last 3 credits for my bachelor's degree.

Today, they will be celebrating my birthday and Angie Bauman's 29th (60th to her) birthday. I will be having Quisnos for lunch.

I will be getting my evaluation back from Cathy, the Principal of Parsons & Maxson today. She mentioned that they would also try writing a letter of recommendation so we'll see if that happens today.

I have 144 hours right now for my internship. I'll have 152 hours after today. I'll be turning in all my stuff to CMU tomorrow.

It has been a good month of interning at Parsons & Maxson. I enjoyed working with them and I really learned a whole lot from the agency.

As for today, I will be going in once more. One more time....
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