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May 17th, 2007
08:42 am


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One week until we arrive at World's End....
Passenger's Log

May 17, 2007   0842 hours

That's right.  This voyage will take one more week until we arrive.  While there are many who are making this voyage, I am on one of the first ships that will arrive there.  That's right.  I've packed my winter coat because it's cold in these parts.

If I am to be one of the first people off the ship, I better wake up early.  I should make my way to the deck about five and a half hours before I arrive.

There are fleets of ships making their way to this destination.  If you're on one of the ships, I'll see you, at World's End....

Current Location: Southern Atlantic Ocean (near Argentina)
Current Mood: excitedArrg!
Current Music: PIrates of the Caribbean Theme

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