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Greetings from Chicago!

Well, I was in Chicago.....Anyway, here are some updates on what went on in the past few days. There's so much to update.....


On this day, I went to take my road skills test. Well, I've got some good news. I passed. I finally have my freedom.

After I got my certificate, I drove home with my dad and we packed up our luggage for Chicago. Rachel, Ryan, and me than got in the car and we were off! It was a five-hour trip. In these five hours, I decided to listen to five of my CDs. I listened to Souljahz (The Fault is History), Grits (The Art of Translation), Knowdaverbs (Action Figure), Apologetix (Keep the Change), and Six Pence None the Richer (Divine Discontent).

It was total shock when we approached the expressway coming in to Chicago. To make sure that we were getting off at the right exit, my dad stopped the van on the median of the expressway. He then floored the accelerator to get up to 70 again.

Coming into Chicago, I found the skyline to be quite amazing. It is quite impressive at night!

We finally arrived at the Renaissance Chicago Hotel. We unpacked our luggage onto the cart that the bellhop took to our room. I found out that I'll be staying on the 15th story (There are 27 stories in this hotel). The room that I had was 1526 and the room that my parents had was 1503.

Entering the room, there was some food that was in the refrigerator. However, I didn't touch ANY of that food in there. Anything that was eaten out of there was added to the price of the room. Going over to the window, I found the view to be amazing. I could see the marina towers and the House of Blues out my window. My parents didn't have this kind of view in their room.

Anyway, I finally went to bed. Heh, it was nice sleeping with that extra hour.....And that's Friday.


I woke up, got my suit on, and went down to the pool with my family. It was 8:00 when I woke up.

Going to the pool, I wasn't quite impressed with it. It wasn't that big and the whirlpool was small. It was on the 4th story. There was a sauna, though......

After that, I got a copy of the Chicago Tribune from the front desk and took it back up to my room.

After we went swimming, company arrived. My parents friends Chris and Debbie met us here with their son Doug (Who is thirteen).

After going up to my parents' room and some discussion, it was decided that we went on a trolley bus tour. With that option, we could purchase a ticket and could get on and off the buses all day. After exploring some notable places in Chicago, we went to Shedd Aquarium and spent much of our day there.....

Simply put, Shedd Aquarium had virtually every kind of sea creature that you could think of. Beluga whales, amenomes, sharks, you name it.

We planned on going to the Sears Tower, but it was too foggy! Bummer.....

After we left Shedd Aquarium, we finished the trolley bus tour, since it finished at 5:00 next to our hotel at the House of Blues.

Back at room 1503 (my parents' room) we gorged on food. I had some pickled bologna, chicken in a biscuit, some mixed nuts, fiery hot pringles, and some doritos. My parents decided to go to the House of Blues with Chris and Debbie while Rachel, Doug, Ryan, and me stayed in the other room (1526). They ordered a stuffed pizza from Giordano's. I was relieved when I found out that Giordano's delivers right to the hotel.

While I waited for the pizza to come, I joined Rachel, Doug, and my brother for a swim. After about an hour, the pizza was done. We all went back to our room to have it. The only one that didn't have pizza was my sister. She had a chicken sandwich, some fries, and some soup. Chris pulled a rude act when he called the front desk and requested a spoon for my sister, who didn't have one for her soup.

When my parents, Chris, and Debbie finally left, I ordered Matrix: Revolutions for the hotel room. After I watched that movie, my sister ordered Texas Chainsaw Massacre and we all watched that.

When both movies were done, Doug switched it to Cartoon Network. Adult Swim was on and we watched Dothack\\sign. After that, it was getting late.

After watching a little more TV, Doug left to go back to his room and I went to bed.....And that's Saturday.


I woke up. My sister said that it was nice and that the sun was out. This caused us to hurry so that we would see the Sears Tower. I was told that there would be a thunderstorm at noon.

After we hurried, I rushed down and got a Sunday Chicago Tribune. I then put this paper in my room and we were on our way.

At the lobby, my dad told a doorman that we needed two taxis over here to go to the Sears Tower. The doorman called two taxis on his radio and they came right over to the lobby. To each taxi, the doorman opened up the front door and told the taxi, "Sears Tower". Nice of him to do that for us, eh?

Anyway, the driver that I had was slow. He did get us to the Sears Tower, but he wasn't too fast.

Once at the Sears Tower, we discovered that we were an hour early. It opened at 10 and we were there at 9! What to do for an hour? Well, here's what we did.

While Chris and Doug went to a McDonald's, the rest of us went to a Starbucks. I got a big dipper glazed donut and a french mocha frappuccino.

When we got back to the Sears Tower, we took some pictures next to it. Finally, there was a line leading to the Sears Tower. It was opening early.

After standing in line for a while and getting a picture from the staffer in the Sears Tower, we entered a small screening room and watched a short film about the Sears Tower. After that, it was time.

Getting in the elevator, I was reminded that the elevator had a speed of 17 miles per hour. Before I knew it, a minute passed. I was now on the 103rd story of the Sears tower.

In this observation deck, I looked at the nice view out the window. It was a great view. After my mom got some video camera footage of the observation deck and some pictures were taken, it was time to leave the tower.

The elevator descended to the basement story, where there was a gift shop. I bought a silver-colored model of the Sears Tower and a Chicago T-Shirt.

After leaving the Sears Tower, there was only one thing left to do: Go to Marshall Fields. We went back to the hotel and packed our luggage up. We reserved the luggage at the front desk since we weren't ready to leave yet.

We then walked to Marshall Fields. Once at the store, we all went our separate ways. Doug, Ryan, and me all stayed together. Doug stayed with Ryan and me since we both had a watch and he didn't. We had to report back at the entrance at 2:30.

Exploring the store, it was HUGE. The department store covered 13 stories and had one basement. At the 9th story, we couldn't take the escalators any higher since only the workers could go up there. It was clearly marked.

Doug, Ryan, and me all went to the basement of the store. Now THIS is where all the good stuff is. There was a food court with all kinds of food. The chocolates that they had for sale were too expensive, at $20/pound! At the food court, all of us pitched in the funds to buy a package of sushi. It was the spicy roll. By accident, when we finished the sushi, I ate the clump of wasabi. It was really painful for a while, but not that long. A little later, we came back and bought another package of sushi. After that, we went to the entrance of the store. It was then decided that we would stay a little longer.

After that, I found my parents at the sports grill. We then had to go.

We went back to the hotel and said our goodbyes. We then packed our luggage, said goodbye to Chris, Debbie, and Doug, and went home.

In that five hours, I listened to Verbs (Unlocked), P.O.D. (Satellite), Out of Eden (This is Your Life), Apologetix (Grace Period), and Superchic[k] (Last One Picked).

Well, that's my Chicago trip. Whew.....I'm sorry that I made the entry this long. Kudos to you if you are still reading this.

I got some homework to do. There will be more updates later.

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