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February 18th, 2004
12:13 pm


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Welcome to Walker Estate.....

Hey again.....

I feel so accomplished, yet I still didn't study any Econ. last night! The exam is tomorrow. I have to do some studying for my Economics exam.

Well, today in Intermediate Algebra, we covered some basic stuff. When my instructor was not lecturing or having us work a problem on the board, I drew a picture. This picture I drew was the Walker Estate, which is the same one in my story!

This picture is a clear indication that I'm starting to behave like my old self again. Good times are here again! Does the seasons affect your mood or behavior? I wish it didn't for me. Maybe I won't feel depressed next year. We'll see.....

One half hour until Swimming I. And then, I'll be going to the Collegiate meeting at 2:30, which is a half-hour late from when the meeting began.

In closing, I can confidently say that God is helping me today. I will trust him in where he will take me from where I am now! Does anyone need a friend? Jesus can be your friend! He loves you and he wants to be in your life!

Gotta go! See ya later!

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Superchic[k] - Hero (In my head.....)

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