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Aye! Me entry is green!

Aye! It's that time of year again!  The time of year where ye have t' wear green if ye don't want t' be pinched!  No worries over 'ere.  Me text is wearin' green so it can't be pinched at all.  No, not today, laddie!  Sorrie!

What wer th' plans fer t'day?  Well, I danced up a jig on that Dance Dance Revolution!  I danced up that jig like you wouldn't believe it, laddie!  That jig really took me fer a ride, it surely did!  If ye haven't tried it b'fore, ye should take it fer a spin!  It really keeps ye movin'!

As fer "Snake", there should be a new breed of it later this year.  I am still waitin' to sink me teeth into that "Snake".  I can hardly wait!

I also went to th' bar to celebrate me friend's birthday.  I had not a drop t' drink but I had some root beer.  That about covers me day, laddie.

As always, good luck t' all on this day.  Happy St. Patrick's Day t' all!

I am spent t'night.  Aye!  Time to go crash into me bed now, eh?
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