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Today's the day.....

No.....I am not referring to the pitch from Today is the day that I go to Chicago! OH YEAH!!!!! O_O o_O O_o O_O o_O O_o O_O o_O O_o O_O o_O O_o O_O o_O O_o  What else can I say?

I definitely have my homework done for the weekend! Nothing much to do but pack......

Oh yeah.....I had this dream that I had a craving for sushi. It was weird. In that dream, there was sushi in it, but I wasn't able to have any!

My road skills test is also today. Please wish me luck!

Right after I come home from the road skills test, I will be going to Chicago!!!!!

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chicago, Chicago, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! O_O Chicago, Chicago, YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! o_o Chicago, Chicago, COOOOOOOOOOOOL!

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