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One Mile!

Today in swimming, I swam one mile! I felt a lot better than I did on Monday when I swam 68 laps. I guess some vanilla yogurt and some granola does make a difference.

However, there was something different that I felt when I was swimming today. I felt heavier for some reason. Maybe my body is still trying to recover from Monday when I swam 64 laps. Can I really be THAT much heavier with breakfast in my stomach? Man, I felt bad. I was still able to complete the laps. I just didn't like how tired I was when I did them. for some reason, my arm felt worn out when I was just starting! Maybe I need more rest. Well, I start the elementary backstroke next week!

I got some work to do so I'll make more updates tomorrow.

Oh yeah.....Survivor's on tonight. Heh.....All the winners are gone. Only the non-winners remain. You could really say that it's anyone's game. I just hope that Rupert wins in the end.

Well, the countdown is only two days until I arrive in Chicago!

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