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November 5th, 2006
05:26 pm


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Back from Cross Training....
I am now back from the weekend retreat that I went on: Cross Training.  All in all it was a pretty fun and informative weekend.

On Thursday, I played more of Xenocard at Andy's house.  With that, I was able to play through tournament mode.   When I played through, I eventually won.  However, I did not win any of the cards that I needed when I won.

I also was able to find a couple more cards in the game.  The last two cards must be won in tournament mode.

With that, I played more Xenocard early Friday afternoon.  I was able to win a tournament, and get two swimsuit Shions.

After that, I was taken back to my dorm and I got my stuff for Cross Training.

We then went to Howell, where the retreat was held.

Rather than tell you about the trip in words, I would rather use pictures and words.

Go to my facebook page (you need to have a facebook account to access this page! ^_^) and look under albums.  It won't be there today.  I'll have it later, when I go home this weekend.

I will now look at the new chapters for my classes....

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Xenosaga Episode I: Dur Wille zur Macht - Daily

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