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March 24th, 2004
12:20 pm


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So much to do, so little time.....

I don't have too much time so I'll make this entry quick.

If I want to enjoy myself this weekend in Chicago, I'm going to have to get all of my homework done in advance. I am not a fan of procrastinating until Sunday night to do homework.

Oh yeah.....My road skills test is Friday. Wish me luck!

This morning, I counted all the carbohydrates that I consumed. I think the number was around 100. I should be able to handle swimming a little better today.....

As far as my story goes, I will be working on it soon. None of my stories will be posted on here. The only place that I want to these stories is on the shelves of book stores.

That's it for now. I got homework to do!

Current Mood: determineddetermined
Current Music: Nothing.....

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