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Good Night.....

Here are some updates of what went on today.

Today, I went to the Temple Theatre in Saginaw. I had to go here for Mass Media. Since I carpool with my dad, I had to go to the McDonald's nearby. The Temple Theatre wasn't open yet. It was 7:30, an hour and a half before it opened.

At this McDonald's, I ordered a bacon Breakfast Bagel Sandwich supersized meal. With a supersized breakfast, they give you one more hashbrown and make your drink bigger. I had an orange juice.

After I got my food, I went to the back of this McDonald's. Now THIS was a big McDonald's. It had this other set of seats with a television in the restaurant! Regardless of the size, I didn't feel safe there. I mean, this is downtown Saginaw. They did have a police office inside the restaurant, though. Is there that much crime here?

Anyway, after I ate most of my breakfast, I studied for my Economics exam. I did this until it was time to go to the Temple Theatre.

Well, I went to the Temple Theatre. Shortly put, it was an interesting theater. It has been around since the 20s when it was built. The theater has a nice auditorium. The seats in that place number 1750. There are over 800 seats in the balcony and about the same amount at the ground level. This theater even has an adjacent lounge linked to the theater building by a hallway. Going though the exit and though the hallway, you are in the lounge. On the second story, it was the banquet room. On the third story, there is a nice ballroom with six chandeliers. All this was adjacent to the theater!

Well, to get back to college, someone by the name of Michelle volunteered to take me back. That was nice of her!

That's it for now.

Good night!

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