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Not another entry about work!

Don't worry.  This entry won't contain any rants about work like the previous three entries.

It is official.  I will finally be able to play Fantasy V!

This week, I will really have to be looking for another job since I only will be working for 9 hours this week.  I work 11-2 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Tonight, I work from 5-11.  It will be pretty slow but it will probably consist of the same stuff that I did last night.

I'm trying to keep a more positive outlook on work now.  I mean, at least I have a job!  Some people are still looking for one!

Well, Final Fantasy V & VI will be on my play list.  After that, I will officially continue production on The Master's Chronicles and begin production on The History of Zorpoz (working title).

Time to have some breakfast now, and get ready for the day!
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