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May 5th, 2006
11:50 am


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Goodbye, CMU.....
I will be moving out today.  It will probably be before 3:00 but I will discuss this with Andy.

This is it.  When I come back from Chapter Focus Week, I will begin work on The Master's Chronicles and The History of Zorpoz (I might come up with a different name for this one later on).  I probably won't start right away until my Grandma Walker who is visting leaves.

Well, this year does have a few good memories.  Aside from having to deal with the pain of the wisdom teeth at the beginning of the year, I thought that Mainstage 2005 was an awesome highlight of the year.  Another highlight was going to Dylan's going away party and playing catchphrase.  "Theodore Roosevelt!"  "Great Wall of China!"  Total randomness.  It was so much fun.  One other highlight was watching Advent Children with Andy and Kazu.  That was the first time that I actually got to meet Andy and go to his house.  Another good highlight was watching Steamboy with Andy and Kazu.

This year was full of memories.  It will be hard to leave but I must go on.

I'll be coming back next year anyway, right?

Here's to 2005/2006 at CMU.

Tomorrow is Chapter Focus Week.  I can hardly wait for that!

More updates later on!

Current Mood: excitedGoodbye, CMU!!
Current Music: Final Fantasy X-2 - Yuna's Theme

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