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He is my strength.....

Well, it's been almost a couple hours since I had swimming class.

In that class, I had to swim 4 more laps! That would make a total of 68 laps.

When I was swimming laps 49-64, I started to get tired. With that, I started to say in almost a chant.....The Lord is my strength, the Lord is my power.....

Everything went fine until I got to my 65th lap. My instructor told me that I only had to do four more, instead of eight more. Had I done eight more, I would've swam a mile! I'm glad that I didn't. When I finished my four laps, I felt so nausous.....Oh man, I felt awful.....

Anyway, I finished my last four laps, got out of the pool, and sat down in a chair. Man, I felt like I was about to lose it. Thankfully, I felt better after sitting there for a few minutes.

It looks like I need to eat breakfast! I'll have some granola and yogurt for breakfast before I have that class next time.

I have homework to do. More updates tomorrow!

It looks like this dreaming writer is.....bidding his farewell again.....

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