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Windy City, here we come!

Okay! Now it's official. This Friday, I'm heading to Chicago with my family. My mom just booked the rooms at the Renaissance Hotel. The cool thing about this is that I get my own room! Well, sort of. I'm sharing this room with my brother (Ryan) and my sister (Rachel). My parents are staying in their own room.

Well, my homework is pretty much finished. I'll go to bed earlier than about 4:00 a.m. last night!

Oh yeah.....I did go to church today.....Our pastor talked about being Justified. He said to remember justified, it is broken down as just-i-fied - Just as If I never sinned. He talked about judges and how God sees us as not guilty if we are born-again.

Well, there's the updates for tonight.....

Good night, journal!

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