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I'm here.....

I know that I haven't been updating this too much.  I have just been busy with some stuff.

As for the news, I will be going home next week on Friday.

More news that stinks: I have a midterm this week, a quiz on Wednesday, and a test in Public Relations on Friday.  I call it "The Examination Sandwich".  The filling of the sandwich, though, will be hard to eat.

The good news about Friday is that I'll be able to leave in the morning.

A couple of random thoughts:

I really want to learn Japanese.
I had a lot of fun at Liz's on Friday.
Xenosagas rule! More on this later.....
The fire was great last night.....
Shion = kawaii!!! ^_^
I think I'll need a nap later.

That's about it for now. Signing out.....
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