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October 10th, 2005
11:29 am


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Concert aftermath.....
In my last entry, I never mentioned how the concert was.  I was rather tired that night and it was late.  My apologies.

Here is what happened:

Before anyone arrived at my house, I got a call from Illene.  Having checked my e-mail before, I knew that there was still one ticket remaining. It would've helped if someone from Survivor Night took the ticket.  Let me tell you this.  You really missed a good concert.  All of those who didn't have any excuse to why they couldn't go don't know what they missed.

Anyway, I told Illene that we would get rid of the ticket somehow.  Right after that, Andy called.  He said that he wasn't coming over but he was going to the church where the concert was.

I then called my friend Tony after that.  Since he wasn't there, he was pretty much out of the question.

Around after 5:00, Illene came over.  I introduced her to my family and my grandparents and we talked for a bit.  I gave her a tour of the house to kill some time.  There was snacks, some pizza, and some drinks.

I thought that Andy said he was coming over but after calling him, he said that he was already at the church.  After 6:00, we made our way over to the church.  Once inside, we found Andy and his friends there.  I showed my gold circle ticket to the friend.  The friend didn't know that they had gold circle tickets.

After that, I went to the welcome center where they were selling the last minute tickets. I gave them my extra gold circle ticket and told them to give it to someone.

We then all entered the family life center, where the concert was being held.  When directed to my seat, I was told to go to the right hand side and the fifth row from the front.  Since it was a gold circle seat, I shouldn't complain.

When I went to sit down, some woman was sitting in the spot that I gave away. That woman, who was Carrie (sp?), told me that she bought a regular ticket from them and they asked her if she wanted to sit closer and offered her the ticket for the same price as a regular one.  That was really good to hear.

After a few minutes, the concert started.  Dave Holtopp, the ministry mobilization pastor, welcomed all of us and made a preintroduction to Sara Groves.

After that, Kirby, Sara Groves's 5-year-old son introduced his mom.  It was so cute!

Following that, Sara Groves played a couple songs and talked to us.  She played a few more songs.  Altogether, she played five songs in all.

After that, she introduced Chris Rice.  He was a blast out on stage.  He wanted all of us in the audience to stand up and clap.  Some of the songs he sang was "The Other Side of the Radio" and "Love Like Crazy".  He then played a couple of songs related to time.  One of the songs he sang was the first song that he ever had on the radio.  It had a fly in the song.

After those songs, he talked to us and mentioned a couple new songs that he'll be singing.  One of two he sang was "Lemonade"

All in all, Chris Rice sand seven songs.  While he didn't sing "Cartoons" or "Becky", it was still good to hear him.

After Chris Rice, there was a 10 minute break.  It was more like a 20 minute break after looking at my watch. In that time, I bought Jars of Clay's latest album: Redemption Songs.

When the break was over, we saw a video of the foundation that Jars of Clay was launching.  It was the Blood Water foundation and their mission is to build 1000 wells all around Sub Saharan Africa.  Since those Africans have to go miles to carry dirty water, this would really help them and would really build community.

After the video, Jars of Clay came out started playing.  They played "God Will Lift Up Your Head", "The Rain Song", "I Want To Fall In Love With You", "World's Apart", and some others.  In one of the songs, there was a lot of lights moving around and it was pretty exciting.  I can't really recall which song but I know it was a more popular one.

They talked to us a few times through out the concert.

Toward the end, they talked to us and mentioned that the first dollar of our ticket went toward their Blood Water Foundation and that 100 wells have already been built.  They then closed with a couple more songs.

Overall, it was a good concert.

After that, I went with Ilene and we met up with Andy outside the Family Life Center.  I decided to show Andy and Ilene my older church, which was 1.2 miles down the road.

We then got in our cars and Andy followed my car.  I drove around the parking lot of Sunrise Baptist Church (formerly Midland Evangelical Free Church) and drove back home.

When I got home, Ilene had to leave.  After saying goodbye to her, I showed Andy my house and he had a quick bite to eat there.

We talked with Andy and Alex for a while and then they left.

That's pretty much what happened at the concert.  All in all, it was pretty fun.....

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