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August 23rd, 2005
06:12 pm


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My teeth are really in pain right now.  This is so because the anestetics wore off on my teeth. *sniff*

They hurt so bad that I took the prescription medication to make the pain go away.  It was bad enough that I was on my bed, bawling, hoping for the pain to go away.

Surely it will.  I have good friends here that can pray about this, right?

What I need right now is all of your support.  Hopefully in a week or two, things will be back to normal.

I'll have more updates later as I undergo the recovery process.....

Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: Chrono Cross - Dream's Creation

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Date:August 23rd, 2005 04:23 pm (UTC)
*pats* Just keep yourself drugged for the next couple of days. If it hurts too much see if they can give you something stronger.
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Date:August 23rd, 2005 04:51 pm (UTC)
It should be okay. They have me on Vicodin. It took a lot of the pain away. Hopefully, I'll be myself this weekend.....
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