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A dream.....

Last night, I had an interesting dream.  Here is what I wrote down from my journal:

Dream #1 - In this dream, I can recall seeing Jessie.  For some reason in my dream, I couldn't remember her name!  Well, at least until later in the dream.  In the dream, Jessie got to meet one of my friends.  She talked to one of my friends about salvation.  Like any conversation like this, I think she worked her way to that topic.  Ultimately, one of my friends didn't really take her that seriously since they said something that a rap artist would say.

That is the interesting part of the dream.  It's completely different in the next scene:

In another part of the dream, I met up with Dylan and mentioned Pay it Forward.  Ryan wanted to watch it so he [Dylan] cued it up for him.  That's all that I can recall for this dream.  What a dream!

The first part reminds me how much I miss Jessie (jessieb23) .  Not just that.  I also miss Jeff and Megan!  If we had fellowship one more time, that would be nice. I at least want to see them one more time before I go off to CMU.

That's the news for today.  I don't have too many dreams that make THAT much sense.

More updates later.....
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