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Running out of time.....

As of now, there are only 33 days left until my first day of CMU. With that, I really need to get going on "The Master's Chronicles".  Last year around this time, I was really cruising on my story.

I think that I do have some more ideas for my story.  What I need to do now is create an outline of the whole story so that I'll know the length.

I think that the more that I play with the ideas, the closer I will get to beginning my story.  Surely God will provide me with more ideas for my story.  My goal this summer is to at least begin the story.

Throughout my whole year at CMU, I can think of more ideas for my story in my free time so that I'll hopefully be able to finish it next summer.

Today, I think I'll do some reading and some more pondering on my story.  I don't want to waste these last 33 days of summer.  Delta College already took 2 months of my summer.  I don't want any more days wasted.
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