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More Tomorrow.....

There will be more updates tomorrow.  I am quite burned out tonight.

One thing that I'm excited about is that I finally started on "The Master's Chronicles"!  Well, sort of.....I have the title page and files all set up.  I just need to start fleshing out the plot.  I have some ideas to work with so far.  I also finally have the name of the main character!  I think he'll be Nicholas.  He is this young swordsman that wants to join Diamondheart, an elite sword guild.  Upon joining this guild, you would be given a name based on or relating to a sword.  With that, you would simply forget what your name was before.  You would no longer be known by your old name.  The name you get depends on how well your swordsmanship is.  The name Excalibur is the highest name that you can get and very few have ever been given that name.  What do you think of the guild's name?  The other two names that I have are Skin Deep and Diamondnut.  I may have other sword guilds in my story and I would use the two names that aren't of elite status.  There are some other ideas that I have but that's all that I'll share for now.

I have to work tomorrow.  I guess I'll take it easy tonight.....
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