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One down, two to go!

As of now, I am all done with all of my assignments for Advanced Reporting.  All I have to focus on now is the other two classes.  Another bit of good news is that I only have ONE MORE WEEK until my semester is over!  It seemed so far away before but now it's so much closer.

NYC will be a great experience.  I can hardly wait to go on the trip. The countdown right now is only 9 more days.  Next Saturday, I will be leaving for New York City with my family at 5 a.m.! Well, sort of.  On our first day, we will stay at Niagara Falls for the day and drive the rest of the way on Sunday.  That's what the plan will be.

As for my story cycle, I am still on the first section of Kyle's Ultimate Fantasy! I really need to pick it up if I am going to stay with the schedule that I had planned.

That's it for now.  I'm three tests and a presentation away from Summer Vacation!!!!

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